We imagine, and are striving to create and maintain, an eco-village in Egypt, to simultaneously preserve nature and the cultural heritage of the Bedouin poeple, and to participate in sustainable development.

Eventually, our projects will be a model of eco-tourism: the tourists and travellers we hope to host will have different priorities from the norm. They will seek tranquility and the opportunity to escape from crowded places and the noise of modern life. They will enjoy the beauty and purity of nature, with the abundance of charming scenery and wild creatures and plants, as well as the local inhabitants and old and contemporary cultures, and they will select accommodation which reflects the heritage, ecology and nature of the speciifc area they plan to visit.

This can be achieved by preparing the conditions of lodging and living which enable the tourist to enjoy nature and ecology through a set of unique activities such as  contemplating nature, watching birds and erecting secluded communities and camps, and desert caravans area ; go on photography safaris, visit archeological sites and roam around in local cultural areas.

These tourists and travellers could provide Egypt with numerous social and economic benefits, in particular to whoever invests in this new field of tourism. They will also contribute in a humanitarian way by raising the level of awareness, ecological education and developing the surrounding society.

Why is Ras Sudr the ideal setting for eco-tourism development?

  • It is 190km from Cairo and 220km from Saint Catherine, located is in the heart of Sinai.
  • There are tourist facilities to welcome the visitors, such as hotels, restaurants and roads.
  • It has an attractive landscape with possibility to observe the wild fauna and the rural environment offers the visitors the opportunity to interact with the traditional Egyptian culture.
  • South Sinai depends mostly on tourism for its economy and there is a great need for sustainable agriculture to provide sustainable economics and to combat poverty.
  • The location enjoys a wonderful, dry, warm weather all year round, thus encouraging Egyptian holiday-makers to spend their weekends with us, and global eco-tourists to visit throughout the year and not just in one season. Average ambient temperature is 20C in Winter and 35C in Summer. Average humidity is 57-62% and windspeed 3-4 meter/second.
  • It is also planned by 2012 to have an airport in Ras Sudr City to serve the large growth in tourism. This will encourage the arrival of foreign groups from all countries of the world who seek relaxation, quiet and nature. The location of this airport shall be about 10km from the location of our projects.