A company, established in 1982, that specialises in the manufacture and installation of renewable energy products for domestic and industrial use.

What products do you provide?

1. Solar water heaters
These provide an effective and trouble free solution for hot water supply, and the only way to enjoy a nice hot bath with maxiumum safety, maximum comfort and minimum cost. Each heater is produced from the highest performance materials, and is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

1. Cold water inlet.
2. Cold water tank.
3. Pipe to hot water tank.
4. Hot water tank.
5. Pipe to collector.
6. Collector base.
7. Solar collector.
8. Hot water outlet.
9. Air vent.

The water moves by a natural way between the hot storage tank (4) and the solar collector (7) according to the difference in density of water as a result of solar radiation whitch heats the water inside the collector (7).

We offer you four sizes :
175 liters/day – enough for 3-4 people.
350 liters/day – enough for 5-7 people.
550 liters/day – enough for 8-12 people.
750 liters/day – enough for 12-18 people.

2. Solar (photovoltaic) panels
Once installed, these panels provide a cheap, effective and permanent way to generate electricity, which can be used for: home lighting systems. portable lanterns, street lights, water pumping, and even an electric power station.

3. Solar dryers for food
Limited Application
Industrial Application

4. Solar cookers
Solar energy can be used to cook food by the solar cookers.

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