Why are our olives different?

If you saw or tasted a Royal Organic olive, you’d know it was different. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Certified organic plantations
They are planted with the most natural, modern ways of permaculture without the use of chemical fertilizers, pestisides or spraying, making it healthy and environmentally positive.

2. Fresh olives
We were able to plant and produce the biggest, fleshiest varieties so you get more olive for your money.

3. Ripened for longer
Green olives turn black, and we leave them on the tree that little bit longer to get those really juicy black olives! Most other olives are hard green varieties that haven’t developed as much flesh and have been artificially blackened, mostly to disguise the flaws!

4. Hand picked and hand sorted
Extra care is taken during the picking of the delicate olives to minimise any bruising or fruit damage. Any irregularities or damaged fruit are kept to a minimum allowing only the premium olives to reach the shelves.

5. Treatment
We use a more traditional way than other companies in treating the olives to bring out their natural flavour over time.

6. Pickling process
Once out of the solution our olives are pickled in jars using special recipes developed by our family, for our unique flavour, and packaged for sale.

7. Best quality
Olives are naturally fermented, perfectly pasteurized, with strict quality control following the legal norms.

8. Taste the olive oil in the olive
Enjoy the richness of nature, with the most suitable amount of salt and the most accurate acidity.

9. Pickling varieties
Taste our different pickling types which ranges between mild and hot types with various natural tastes.

10. Personal touch
We are a family business and it’s our personal commitment that ensures our olives are of the finest quality!