Olive Seed Craft Project

The Set el Hossn Slow Food Convivium has presented its latest project, an educational Olive Seed Craft project, in partnership with the Royal Group for Organic Products.

This project aims to use olive seeds as an introduction to childrens’ understanding of their environment.

It is a great educational tool on the morphology and botany of seeds. It also increases the creativity and imaginative power of children by using the seeds as an art creation tool.

Goals of the Project:

  • Environmental awareness.
  • Education of children through art
  • Art and creativity enhancement in Children.
  • Increase perceptive and imaginative power of children.


  • Set El Hossn Convivium:

It offers Art classes to children in schools or in SEt el Hosn ecofarm as an environmental activity.

The day includes introduction to Slow food, Environmental arts, Slow food meal,games

2 Royal Group:

It provides packed olive seeds for crafts and art trainers

  • Slowfood biodiversity : to be discussed{promotion – Technical support-financial support-printings-marketing {

Objectives of The Project

1.Packing of Olive seeds.

2. Promotion of the project in schools and educational institutes

3.Marketing of the seeds in libraries, supermarkets, schools

4.Invitations to Slow food activities at Set el Hosn Convivium.

5. Collaboration with other slow food conviviums in Egypt or international to arrange environmental awareness groups and promote the olive seed project

6. Encourage membership to slow food to children and families.


Now a Slow Food Convivium!

The Set El Hosn Foundation has been made a Slow Food Convivium: the South Sinai Slow Food Convivium.

Its purpose is to establish a community that cares about environment maintaining its biodiversity and preserving nature…and caring about mankind by promoting healthy delicious food and preserving the cultural heritage of Bedouins. It also promotes sustainability by the use of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

We hope to establish a group of members in the Sinai area, and together to raise awareness about the value of green living, environmental care and good, slow cooking.

Types of Activities

  • Seasonal Slow Food Festivals
  • Terra Madre day
  • Cooking classes
  • Lectures about the value of slow food
  • Open Day Activities
  • Cultural crafts training/enhancement by establishing a Set el Hossn Training Centre
  • Bedouin evenings
  • Bedouin training for crafts
  • Bedouin exhibitions and music
  • Set el Hossn dinner evenings
  • Publishing Middle Eastern cookbook

The particular food interest among the group:
Olives: pickled, patted, sliced, seasoned….
Olive oil
Bedouin food: kebab..Mansaff…barbequed lamb