What was once barren desert now boasts row after row of trees.

Located 8km from Ras Sudr in South Sinai, Egypt, stands Set El Hossn, a desert development eco-farm where, since 1995, 30 acres of previously barren desert have been painstakingly transformed into an olive plantation and palm tree orchard, all 100% organically grown.

Under the pergola: a space big enough for 50 people amongst the palms and olives.

Amidst the trees, now finally maturing and bearing fruit, lies the house, which sleeps six upstairs and eight downstairs. Continue down a sandy pathway between the greenery to find the pergola area with plenty of covered outdoor seating and a second kitchen area, perfect for hosting and entertaining.

Set El Hossn, meaning ‘Lady of Beauty’, was the first farm in Sinai to receive the Demeter certificate from the UK, and it has also been nominated for the Equator Prize by the UNDP as a model of sustainable agriculture and energy.

What are the goals of Set El Hossn?

Digging for water in December 2006.

1. Sustainable use of biodiversity
Desertification has had a near disastrous effect on the biodiversity of the land in this area. Our research team has been able to dig deep wells of 30 meters depth and to provide a water source to plant olive and palm trees thus providing better ways of sustainable life in the desert.

2. Nature conservation
The ecosystem approach through maintaining the biodiversity provides a strategy for management of land,water, and living. Also the palm seed horticulture by growing special original kinds of palm seeds provides the most appropriate sustainable agriculture in the region.

3. Renewable energy
The Sinai desert is blessed all year round by strong sunlight and continuous wind so it provides the perfect place to use and research renewable energy products, such as the solar water heaters produced by the Misr America company.

4. Community building and poverty alleviation
Our community members develop a great bond of friendship and environmental respect. Each one learns how to benefit and what to give to rural communities. International groups learn a lot of cultural traditions and gain a lot of experiences.

A training session in full swing at Set El Hossn.

5. Environmental education
Our visitors are encouraged to value nature and have more direct contact with plants and animals, and simple desert life style. Children – and adults – are encouraged to attend our camp to learn about the environment, and we also offer Permaculture Training  Courses.

What can Set El Hossn offer you?

Amidst the trees, we have created intimate areas, perfect for hosting events and training.

It provides the perfect venue for your retreat, family reunion, school-trip or any other event. We also offer training courses in permaculture, renewable energy, and other environmental questions. For more about either of these services, just click here.

We also host a number of tasty events throughout the year, mostly organised by the South Sinai Slow Food Convivium. Everyone is welcome to attend. See our calendar for future events.

What can you offer Set El Hossn?

If you like what you read, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and get involved.

How can I find Set El Hossn?

Take the Suez Road from Cairo, and follow signs for the Ahmed Halmi Tunnel. After the tunnel, turn right onto the Sharm El Sheikh road. Drive 52km. When you see Bent el Soltan tourist resort on your right, take the next left, immediately before the TV antennae. Turn left again, and you will see the entrance on your left.