ZEAP is our project for children and young people. We aim to:

  • EDUCATE them about environmental preservation, renewable energy and healthy food
  • DEVELOP their creative abilities and teamwork spirit
  • ENCOURAGE them to have progressive, meaningful discussions and dialogues on important subjects
  • INTRODUCE them to organic farming methods

In addition, we plan to:

  1. Run health promotion programs for young people
  2. Strive towards a formal strategy for environmental involvement in the community, school, and university.
  3. Set up an educational kitchen
  4. Study the environmental garden model in Sharm El Sheikh as an example of use of grey water in irrigation

What do we provide for children and young people?

Day trips or overnight (camping) trips at the Set El Hossn eco-farm near Ras Sudr, with workshops, training courses, lectures and/or discussion sessions, all specifically aimed at children and designed to increase their awareness of the importance of the environment.

In the future, we also hope to establish a small theatre which will run plays promoting environmental awareness.

I am a teacher: how do I get my children involved in this project?

Simply contact Samia using the form on the right to arrange a date.